Sunday, December 6, 2015

Corner Bar Approved? Avenue C: Twin Chili Dog

These chili dogs are NOT Corner Bar approved. They were purchased from a self serve kiosk market vendor called Company Kitchen. The chii dogs were manufactured by the Canteen Vending who's parent company is Compass Group. The make processed foods like these chili dogs for many self serve vending markets. There are no heating instructions anywhere on the package. Until the taste tester started to consume the chili dogs it was not clear there was any chili on them. When they were being consumed there was some sort of manufactured flavor that did not taste anything like a chili dog with cheese should taste like. The chili dogs were not out of date or spoiled in any way. While they were being consumed the taste tester had to take a Pepto Bismol caplet to control the instant digestive problems they caused. Both were consumed in the interest of conducting a fair taste test. These chili dogs will never be consumed again by the taste tester and recommends no else try them.

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