Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quality and Legacy: T. S. Martin, Davidson's, and Pelletier: Introduction

This new series is about the former dry goods and department store owners: T. S. Martin, Davidson Brothers, and Pelletier. This series is going to be a little different than series published in the past. This one is going to simply tell the story in timeline fashion through the photos without much said. These photos show the quality of the products sold by T. S. Martin, Davidson's and Pelletier. They portray the struggle they endured and the legacy they left behind. The photos are of artifacts, art work, and window displays taken at the Sioux City Public Museum and the Sioux City Art Center where there are currently temporary exhibits on display.

This series will start with the fashions from the 1880's to the 1940's. Next will be the photographic story of T. S. Martin and his legacy, after which will be Davidson Brothers and finally Pelletier. There will also be a photographic portrayal of other department stores, shoe stores and jewlers of the past in Sioux City's history.