Sunday, May 15, 2011

Smith's Villa and School, 1874 to 2011

Named for Dr. William Remsen Smith the original villa and school has stood on the same grounds in Sioux City since 1874. Changes over the last 137 years has brought it to what it looks like today. That again will change soon because of the new school, built next door and almost complete. The old Smith School building will be torn down sometime in June of 2011 and the ground leveled to make space for a new parking lot.

This blog post may serve as an obituary and a last testament to an important historical part of sioux City, Iowa.

Timeline with Photos:
1874 -

1885 -

1886 to Early 1890's -

Late 1890's -

1910's -

1925 -

1934 -

May of 2008 -

March of 2010 -
Work "on schedule" for Sioux City's newest school

May of 2011:

Students give Smith Elementary a goodbye hug

Smith School on Facebook

Biographical Sketch of Dr. William Remsen Smith -