Friday, September 25, 2009

History and Culture by Bicycle Part 189; History of a Bicycle Part 1: Hiawatha

This post is about a model of bicycle called the Hiawatha. I was unaware of such a model of bike until I met my in laws over 20 years ago. After my father in laws recent passing I have inherited his old bike.

Here is what I know about Hiawatha's:
1. They were built by Cleveland Welding Company and Shelby Manufacturing Company, with a few models made by Murray of Ohio and Huffman Mfg.
2. They were largely sold by Gambles Hardware stores.
3. There are several models of Hiawatha, some more sought after then others.

Beyond this I know little about them. I am trying to track down the type of model my father in laws bike who manufactured it, what year etc. I will post more when I find out more through my research.

I know I am going to at least clean up and refurbish the Hiawatha I inherited so it can be ridden. I do not know if I'll fully restore it or not.

Web site:
Hiawatha Bicycles

Here are photo's of the Hiawatha I inherited from him: