Sunday, December 13, 2015

Private Collection: Kodak Partytime Instant Camera

         In the early 1980's Kodak produced its first instant camera. This was presumably to compete with Polaroid, whom Eastman Kodak had been manufacturing film for some time prior. One Kodak such instant camera was the Partytime model. It used Kodak PR144-10 instant color film. Kodak produced various models of instant cameras during the decade of the 1980's until Polaroid sued for copy right infringement and was awarded over $900 million in damages. Kodak was also ordered to recall all instant cameras they produced,including ones already purchased and own by private consumers and film produced for the of instant cameras. The cameras and film recalled by Kodak were destroyed. But some consumers did not comply with the mandatory recall and kept the cameras and packages of unopened film.

         This is one such camera that was never returned. The previous owner put it away in its box shortly after the film was no longer available and the camera has not been used since, sometime in the later 1980's to early 1990's. The camera is now in the private collection of its current owner in NW Iowa.


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