Sunday, February 15, 2015

Native American Artwork Featuring Chuck Raymond: Introduction

This new series is about Native American Artist Chick Raymond. This series will show the temporary exhibit of his artwork currently on temporary display at the Sioux City Public Museum along with information and newspaper articles about him. This will be an ongoing series as the museum does not have all of his art in their collection. This is not the first time the public museum has displayed these pieces. It has been a travelling exhibit in the past. The collection is considered by many historians and artists to be one of the most accurate and comprehensive portrayals of American Indian life. Along with the artwork are three dimensional American Indian artifacts on display used in Chuck Raymond's art.

Chuck was born in 1931. At a very young age he took a piece of clay and molded it into an accurate human face without any formal training or experience. His grandmother saw this and predicted he would grow up to be a great artist one day.

Chuck served in the United States Marine Corps and fought in the Korean Conflict. When he returned home his art career took off. He was commissioned by the Sioux City Public Museum in the 1960's to create pencil illustrations of Native American Life.

Chuck also had a problem with alcohol abuse. It has been reported by historians he would create beautiful works of art to sell so he could support his drinking habit. Private individuals also commissioned Chuck to create colored pencil and oil paintings for them. Some of which have been donated to the Sioux City Public Museum and are currently part of the collection on display in the temporary exhibit. Chuck also spent time in jail. While serving time he created a piece for Iowa Governor Hughes.

With Chucks trouble with alcohol abuse and problems with the law it could be concluded this is a common story and he shares and common link to other artists of the past. It could also be concluded by some he had to create these beautiful works of art that will be shown in this series to support his addiction to alcohol and it may have lead to problems with the law resulting in him serving time in jail. Such conclusions will be left to the readers to decide.