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Sioux City Fire Rescue: Fire Stations

Since 1886 Sioux City Iowa has had several different types and styles of buildings to house the equipment, trucks, men and women so the department is always at the ready when they are needed to respond to a call. Some of these buildings were hose houses with tall towers used to dry the old style canvas material hoses, others had facilities for the care and feeding of the horses when the department used horse drawn pumpers while others were and are large garage style buildings to house the fire trucks and other vehicles needed. Today they are simply called fire stations.

Here is the timeline of Sioux City's fire stations:

 Hose House:
1886 -  417 W 7th Street.

Fire Station #1:
1889 to 1922 - 408 Water Street. Formerly the Fire Department Headquarters.


1925 to 1986 - 513 Water Street. Formerly the Fire Department Headquarters. Building no longer standing.
Photo of building location on Sanborn Fire Map from Sioux City Public Museum research Center

1986 to Present - 315 9th Street. Houses the Assistant Fire Chief, Engine Co. #1, Truck Co. #1 and the Fire Department Mechanic. Also houses the police/fire command vehicle.

Fire Station #2:

1889 to 1890 - 417 W 7th Street. Building no longer standing.

1890 to 1929 - 419 W 7th Street.

1982 - 5821 Mitchell, near the airport.
Fire Station #2 is no longer in operation.

 Fire Station #3:
1888 to 1929 - 1211 5th Street.
1923 to 1929 - Fire Station #3 was the Fire Department Headquarters.

2002 to Present - 2630 3rd Street. Houses Engine Co. #3 and Truck Co. #3. Also, houses the Training Officer, grass fire rig, and has state of the art training room. Has the City Emergency Management Communications Center.

Fire Station #4:
1891 to 1960 - 1414 Nebraska Street.
1981 to 1913 - Chemical Co. #2 was located in station #4.
1905 to 1924 - Hose and Ladder #2 was located in station #4.
1924 to 1969 -Hose Co. #4 was located in station #4.

1960 to 2012 - 3109 Dearborn.

2012 to Present - New Fire Station #4 building is built and former building torn down at 3109 Dearborn. Hazardous Material Emergency Response, or HAMER #13 is located in station #4.

Fire Station #5:
1894 to 1959 - 408 S. Chambers. Building no longer standing.
1894 to 1911 - Hose Co. #4 was located in station #5.
1912 to 1954 - Hose Co. #5 was located in station #5

1959 to 2002 - 200 Fairmont.

2002 to Present - 4729 Southern Hills Dr. Houses Engine Co. #5. Was built for the expansion of the City to the South.

Fire Station #6:
1902 to 1915 Peters Park. Building no longer standing.

1916 to 1918 - 4110 Morningside Ave. Building no longer standing.

1917 to Present - 4203 Morningside Ave. Houses Engine Co. #6. Building was expanded in 2002.

Fire Station #7:
1895 to 1915 - 816 Floyd Blvd. Chemical Co. #3 and Volunteer Co were located in station #7.
1915 to 1937 - 4016 Floyd Blvd. The station address became 4016 in 1915 when the new Sioux City address listings replaced the former Leeds address listings.

Photo of building location on Sanborn Fire Map from Sioux City Public Museum research Center

Photo courtesy of Sioux City Public Museum Research Center

1937 to 1980 - 4014 Floyd Blvd.
Photo of building location on Sanborn Fire Map from Sioux City Public Museum research Center

Photo courtesy of Sioux city Public Museum Research Center

1980 to Present - 3252 Floyd Blvd. Houses Engine Co. #7.

Fire Station #8:
1925 to 1928 - 2001 Riverside Blvd. Building no longer standing.

1929 to 1985 - 1909 Riverside Blvd.

1984 to Present - 3829 W. 19th St. Houses Engine Co. #8 and HAMER 12.

Fire Station #9:
1960 to 1969 - 3109 Dearborn. substation until 1979 when it became Station #4.

1969 to 1975 - 1828 27th St.

Fire Station #9 is no longer in operation.

Fire Department Headquarters Building:
1985 to Present - 6th and Douglas Streets downtown Sioux City.

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