Saturday, July 29, 2017

Little Chicago Approved? B. S. A. Troop 184 Tavern Sandwiches

The tavern sandwiches the B. S. A. 184 Boy Scout Troop made at their food stand during the 2017 Plymouth County Fair in no way meets the criteria or standard as described here: How a Tavern Shall be Made

This tavern sandwich is most certainly NOT Little Chicago approved.

The tavern sandwiches were made at the food stand the boy scout troop operates as a fund raiser for the Plymouth County Fair. Two tavern sandwiches were taste tested on July 27, 2017. One was consumed with condiments and one without.

Despite the good organization the money raised goes toward the tavern sandwiches are not very good. The meat had little to no spice flavor at all and was dry. There was barely the slight greasy flavor and texture that is supposed to blend well with the fat content in the meat. It looked and tasted like it was slightly burned.

The bun is much too large and was very dry. This same food stand also served hot dogs. The hot dog buns looked like they were soft and just the right size. Between the two tavern sandwiches consumed the one with the condiments was better because it actually had more flavor as a result of the pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard that was added.

If this organization is going to continue to make and sell tavern sandwiches they should read up on how they are supposed to be made or simply stop making and selling them.

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