Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little Chicago Approved? History, Recipe, Information


1924 - Dave Higgin created the tavern sandwich in 1924 at his restaurant, Ye Old Tavern.

1925 - Charles Miles opens his small local grocery store in Sioux City, Miles Inn.

1926 - Muscatine resident and founder of the Maid Rite restaurant franchise created his version of the loose meat sandwich.

1927 - The Maid Rite restaurant chain is established.

1934 - Abraham, or Abe Kaled purchased Ye Old Tavern, renamed it Ye Olde Tavern and created his own formula for the loose meat sandwich, calling it the Ye Olde Tavern Tavern.

Abe and his wife, Bertha sold the sandwiches for a dime each in wax paper without a plate. They originally bought the buns from a local bakery, the Iowa Baking Company, which was later acquired by and renamed as Old Home Bakery. The buns were from then on dual-sourced depending on bread quality. Because of the restaurant's success, imitations started appearing, though they were actually an imitation themselves, based on Dave Higgin's original creation.

Later on, the restaurant went from just serving sandwiches to serving meals also. Abe's sandwich creation was served at fundraisers, churches, restaurants, and bars in and around the greater tri-state and Sioux City area.

Bertha sold the taverns at an event called Tavern Days, Ye Olde Tavern Day which served 875 people in less than two hours. Their children helped at the restaurant when Bertha became ill. The restaurant closed in 1974 because of Bertha's failing health; none of their children were interested in operating it.

At some point during its history Ye Olde Tavern sold the recipe for their famous tavern sandwich to the owner of Coney Island. Coney Island has been using it ever since. They currently use it for their tavern or loose meat sandwiches at the Hamilton Blvd location.

1940's to 1950 - Miles Inn becomes a bar.

c.1950 - Charles Miles invents his version of the loose meat sandwich, the Charlie Boy, naming it after his son, Charles Jr.

July 1955 - Vincent and Marie opened Tastee Inn and Out opened at 2610 Gordon Drive in Sioux City.

1957 - A second Tastee Inn and Out location is opened at 1902 Court Street in Sioux City.

1974 -  Ye Olde Tavern closed. Some time after 1974 Gus's Family restaurant opened in the building at 14th and Jackson Streets in Sioux City, Iowa Ye Olde Tavern occupied. Gus's had their own recipe of the tavern sandwich.

April 2012 - Gus's Family Restaurant closed. Ending another era of tavern sandwiches. a new restaurant will open in the same location. It is unknown as to whether or not they will serve tavern or loose meat sandwiches.

2012 - 2013 - The Garden Cafe opened in the same building that housed the original Ye Olde Tavern and Gus's Family Restaurant.

There is a rumor stating Carroll Dietz created something called a steamed hamburger sandwich in Missoula, Montana in 1920. This same information states it was copied by Abraham Kaled in 1934 at Ye Old Tavern in Sioux City, Iowa. There is no documented proof of Carroll Dietz creating such a sandwich in 1920. There is documented proof of Dave Higgin first creating the tavern sandwich at Ye Old Tavern. Until such documented proof is presented it shall stand that the tavern sandwich was first invented in Sioux City in 1924.


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