Saturday, April 27, 2013

Liberating Ahlem Concentration Camp: The Vernon Tott Photographic Collection

On temporary display at the Sioux City Public Museum is the Liberating Ahlem Concentration Camp: The Vernon Tott Collection. It is a photographic portrayal of the horrors of a Nazi slave camp liberated near the end of World War II. These photos in the exhibit are perhaps the only photos ever taken of the by someone other than the Germans or Nazi's themselves.

One of the brave soldiers who helped liberate the camp, Vernon Tott was with the 84th Infantry Division when they happened upon the camp. After photographing the camp with a second hand camera the photos were packed away and Vernon got on with his life. A former prisoner reached out and managed to get in touch with Vernon. A film, called the angel of Ahlem was created about the liberation of the camp by the 84th and the remaining survivors Ahlem.

Link about the film Angel of Ahlem:
Angel of Ahlem

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