Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Little Chicago Approved? Latham Loose-meat's

The Latham Loose-meat's meets and exceeds all of the criteria as described here: How a Tavern Shall be Made

This loose-meat is definitely Little Chicago approved.

The loose-meat's are made by for the Latham Park Art in the Park festival every year. They are made with an excellent blend of spices and without condiments or toppings. Condiments and toppings are offered for the consumer to add to the loose-meat. The texture and moisture level is just as a loose-meat meat should be made. Only one loose-meat was consumed. Even with condiments and toppings being added the loose-meat had a excellentblend of flavor, spice and texture. The toppings enhanced the flavor and texture of the loose-meat.

These loose-meat's are available during events at Latham Park when the concession stand is set up.

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