Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little Chicago Approved? Loose Meat Sandwich Restart

The search for the best loose meat sandwich is being modified again. Instead of rating it on a points system it will simply be whether or not a tavern or loose meat sandwich is good enough to be consumed again. The criteria by which all loose meat sandwiches shall be judged are based on the tavern sandwiches consumed at Little Chicago Deli in Sioux City on January 23, 2016. Going forward the loose meat or tavern sandwiches will either be Little Chicago approved or not. All loose meat sandwiches that have already been taste tested will be again to keep it fair. Those that are Little Chicago approved will be consumed in the future, those that are not will not be.

All prior articles on loose meat sandwiches published by this blog author are void.

Next will be a description on how a loose meat or tavern sandwich shall be made.