Saturday, February 6, 2016

Little Chicago Approved? Madonna Rose Cafe Tavern

The Madonna Rose Cafe tavern meets and exceeds all of the criteria as described here: How a Tavern Shall be Made

This tavern sandwich is definitely Little Chicago approved.

This tavern is served with pickles on the side and no ketchup or mustard. The consumer can add the pickle, ketchup and mustard to taste or not. During the taste test one was consumed with no toppings or condiments and the other with pickle and ketchup. Both were were equally good. The sandwich with the ketchup and pickle added enhance the already excellent flavor of the tavern meat. Part of the flavor of the tavern meat is it has fresh diced, sweet yellow onion cooked into it.

The taverns served at Madonna Rose Cafe in the Morningside neighborhood of Sioux City, Iowa.

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