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Freemasonry and the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Timeline

This timeline only shows when these events in masonic history took place. Please select from the links in the previous article and read the following articles for a more in depth understanding regarding the connection to Freemasonry and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The reason the timeline stops in the late 1850's is this series mainly focuses on the connection between the expedition and Freemasonry and the American Civil War was just around the corner at this point in history.

927 BC - Construction of King Solomon's Temple was started.
1390 - The Regius Poem was the oldest of the old constitutions.
Prior to 1600 - Operative masons worked in one of the building trades.
July 30, 1599 - Oldest lodge record from Edinburgh Lodge No. 1.
1600 - Operative masonry started to develop into speculative masonry.
By 1700 - Numerous masonic lodges existed in England.
Early 1700 's - A number of Masons were allowed to meet, form a Time Immemorial Lodges, and conduct Masonic work.

1704 - Jonathan Belcher was the first native-born American to be made a Mason.
June 24, 1717 - The Premier Grand Lodge of England is formed.
1725 - The Grand Lodge of Ireland is formed.
1727 - The Carmick Manuscript was written.
1730 - The Grand Lodge of England (Moderns) began to issue Warrants for Provincial Grand Lodges in the colonies.

1730 to 1732 - "Coxe" Provincial Grand Lodge existed, moderns. It was granted jurisdiction over New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

1733 - Provincial Grand Lodge of New England was formed. Provincial Grand Lodge of Massachusetts was formed.

1736 - Provincial Grand Lodge of South Carolina was formed. Grand Lodge of Scotland was formed.
1738 to 1780's - Provincial Grand Lodge of New York was formed, Moderns.
1738 to 1753 - The warrant for the Provincial Grand Lodge of New York was issued to Francis Goelet.
1753 - 1771 - The warrant or the Provincial Grand Lodge of New York was issued to George Harrison.
1757 - Provincial Grand Lodge for North America was formed, Scotland.
1759 - Provincial Grand Lodge of Canada was formed.
1771 - The warrant warrant for the Provincial Grand Lodge of New York was issued to Sir John Anderson. who fled to Canada during the American Revolution leaving New York with out a Grand Master.

1751 - Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of England, also known as Antients also called Ancients was formed.

November 4, 1752 - George Washington was made a Mason.
1761 - Provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania was formed, Ancients.
1775 - American Revolution begins.

An African American, Prince Hall, along with 14 other African Americans were initiated into an Irish Constitution Military Lodge.

Grand Master Sir John Anderson fled to Canada with the warrant for the Provincial Grand Lodge of New York, leaving New York without a Grand Master and charter.

1778 - Grand Lodge of Virginia was formed as an independent Grand Lodge.
1781 to 1784 - Provincial Grand Lodge of New York is formed, Ancients.

The final Provincial Grand Master, Chancellor Robert R. Livingston, was Master of a Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Moderns. This brought the two, Ancients and Moderns, together into one Grand Lodge.

1782 - Grand Lodge of New York was formed.
1783 - American Revolution ends.
1784 - Prince Hall and the 14 other African Americans apply for a Charter or Warrant from the Grand Lodge of England granting them the ability to meet and work as Masons. They formed African Lodge #459.

1786 - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is formed as an independent Grand Lodge.
December 16, 1786 - Independent Grand Lodge of Georgia is formed.
December 18, 1786 - Independent Grand Lodge of New Jersey is formed.
1787 - Grand Lodge of New York declares itself independent from England.
December 9, 1787 - The independent Grand Lodge's of Maryland and North Carolina are formed.
1788 - Independent Grand Lodge of South Carolina is formed.
1789 - Independent Grand Lodge of Connecticut is formed.
1791 - Independent Grand Lodge of Rhode Island is formed.
1792 - Independent Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is formed, but was a continuation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of New England.

September 18, 1793 - Cornerstone of the National Capitol was laid in a Masonic Ceremony by Bro. George Washington.

1794 - Independent Grand Lodge of Vermont is formed.
1797 - Thomas Smith Webb published the First Edition of the Freemasons Monitor.
1800 - Grand Lodge of Kentucky if formed.
April 30, 1803 - Louisiana Purchase is completed.
May 21, 1804 - Lewis and Clark Expedition begins.
September 23, 1806 - Lewis and Clark Expedition ends.
1806 - Grand Lodge of Delaware is formed.
1808 - Grand Lodge of Ohio is formed.
1811 - Grand Lodge of The District of Columbia is formed.
1812 - Grand Lodge of Louisiana is formed.
1813 - Grand Lodge of Tennessee is formed.
January 13, 1817 - Grand Lodge of Indiana is formed.
July 27, 1818 - Grand Lodge of Mississippi is formed.
1820 - Grand Lodge of Maine is formed.
April 21, 1821 - Grand Lodge of Missouri is formed
June 11, 1821 - Grand Lodge of Alabama is formed.
1826 - Grand Lodge of Michigan is formed.
William Morgan, who was purported to be Freemason, disappears.

1830 - Grand Lodge of Florida is formed.
1838 - Grand Lodge of Texas is formed.
1839 - The Grand Lodge of Alabama called for a convention of all existing Grand Lodge jurisdictions to attend.

1840 - Grand Lodge of Illinois is formed. Previous Grand Lodge was 1822 - 1827.
March 7, 1842 - The first meeting of the Grand Lodge jurisdictions was held in Washington D. C. It came to be known as the Baltimore Convention.
May 8-17, 1843 - The second Baltimore Convention is held.
1843 - Grand Lodge of Wisconsin is formed.
1844 - Grand Lodge of Iowa is formed.
1850 - Grand Lodge of California is formed.
1851 - Grand Lodge of Oregon is formed.
1853 - Grand Lodge of Minnesota is formed.
1855 - Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario is formed.
1856 - Grand Lodge of Kansas is formed.
1857 - Grand Lodge of Nebraska is formed.
1858 - Grand Lodge of Washington State is formed.

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