Sunday, October 19, 2014

Freemasonry and the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Thank You

Thank you to the various web sites, including but not limited: to grand lodge web sites, PBS web sites, University of Nebraska Lincoln web site, the Guttenburg web site, various history web sites, wikipedia, and others too numerous to mention. Without the several and various sources of information this research would have taken a lot longer to complete. As much effort as possible will be taken to link to your web sites within the various articles in this series.

Special thanks goes to:

George Harrison - A friend, brother within the fraternity and mentor who has always been within the length of my cable tow. I have only had to simply ask for his help and he has always freely given it. George was a valuable asset in the research of this series.

Bill Kreuger - Grand Lodge of Iowa Librarian. Bill has been very gracious in sending the requested materials needed for the research of this series.

Grand Lodge of Iowa Library - They have one of the best collections on hand and available to anyone who needs it for research and a user friendly way to search for the cataloged materials.

Bev Hinds -  Bev is an expert on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. She answered my questions and gave me a certain insight and perspective on the expedition causing me to expand my research into something I likely never would have had I not spoken with her.

Staff at Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Sioux City, Iowa - They provided valuable information and a specific piece of research materials which helped launch and expand the rest of the research for this series.

My wife for tolerating me and supporting me while creating this series.

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