Sunday, October 19, 2014

Freemasonry and the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Introduction

This series is about the connection between Freemasonry and the Lewis and Clark Expedition  also called the Corps of Discovery. The research done for this series was done objectively. It is left to the individual readers to come to their own conclusions and opinions about any connection between the two. Some may think there is no connection at all. Others may think yes there is a connection they never knew about until now. While others may think the expedition was another method of the Freemasons trying to control the United States and doing so during its early history.

This series will be in two parts. Both will be written in narrative and timeline/chronological format. The first will start as close to Freemasonry's beginnings as possible continue through to the Lewis and and Clark Expedition.  There will be a break in between the two halves of the series. The second part will be about the first lodge west of the Mississippi River and immediately after.

The majority of the articles will be about the link between Freemasonry and the Lewis and Clark Expedition and what happened as a result of the expedition within the Masonic Fraternity. The sections of the articles that are not specifically about the expedition and its link to Freemasonry will be mentioned but without a great deal of detail. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own objective research into anything mentioned in these articles.

The topic of these articles may offend some. If you think you will be offended by this subject matter read no further than this introduction article.

In addition to the current comment requirements for this blog, any discussion via the comment section of these articles shall be civil. Oppressing opinions, name calling, insult of any type will not be tolerated. You may disagree with one another, you may engage in spirited debate but you shall conduct yourselves in a civil manner. It is recommended if you state your opinion that you also show some type of proof based in fact to back it up, especially if you disagree with the content in these articles or with someone we who posts their opinion. If you state facts based on something someone else has written you shall cite your source.

As In a previous series the author of these articles will state his personal opinion as to the connection between the Freemasonry and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

It is only fair to disclose the author of this blog is himself a Freemason. While this may offer special insight to the topic of this series it in no way makes him bias one way or another as to this subject. There is no one, single spokes person for Freemasonry and the author of this blog is not attempting to be such a person.

As the series progresses the articles may be spaced apart by extended periods of time, but there will be no interruption as to the topic of this series.

The written, (typed), words of the articles created by the author may not be used by others without permission and without credit given to the author. The photo’s, digital scans uploaded to the articles, created by someone else, but used for the articles may be referenced by others unless otherwise noted in the individual articles. The content of the digital scans and photo’s have not been altered, but have been enhanced for easier viewing.