Friday, June 5, 2015

Magnolia Trees of Iowa: Introduction

      This new series is about the Magnolia Tree and its presence in the state of Iowa, a mid-western state in the continental 48 states. The Magnolia Tree is typically found in the south eastern United States where the climate is more favorable for the tree to grow and thrive. The Magnolia Trees located in Iowa survive because of certain conditions protecting them from the harsh, cold Iowa winter winds and sudden changes in the climate during the transition from the winter to the spring months. Most of the Magnolia's in Iowa are surrounded by other trees, building or other structures protecting the them from such weather conditions.

      The trees photographed show the trees during the blooming stage and when they lose their blooms and leave out. Some of these trees are back off of the public right of way and are not easily seen.

      The photographs of these trees were taken from the private property and with the property owners knowledge and permission. Each part of this series will state if the tree is easily seen from the public right of way. Please do not trespass onto the private property to view the trees that are not easily seen from the right of way without express permission and knowledge from the property owner.

The trees will be photographed as they are discovered. This is typically in the spring months when they are in full bloom making the species of the tree very obvious.