Saturday, January 3, 2015

History from the Skywalk; Sioux City, Introduction

This series is about history and culture viewed from a skywalk. A lot of cities have skywalk systems that travel through their downtown metropolitan area. A lot of these metropolitan areas have historic buildings and culture. Sioux City, Iowa is no exception. This series will include historic buildings and culture from the downtown Sioux City area. The Sioux City skywalk has a unique feature not typically found in other skywalk systems. The history and culture is shown through the photographs taken from the skywalk system, none are from ground level.

The historic buildings include but are not limited to:

Badgerow Building
Sioux City Public Museum
Carnegie Apartment Building
Sioux City Art Center
Martin Building
Frances Building
Orpheum Building
Davidson Building
Security National Bank Building
Warrior Hotel Building
First Presbyterian Church
Sioux City City Hall
Woodbury County Courthouse
United States Federal Courthouse
Mid-American Energy Building
Long Lines Family Center
Tyson Event Center