Thursday, December 18, 2014

Freedom Summer 1964 Exhibit - During Freedom Summer and the Aftermath

On temporary display at the Iowa State Historical Building in Des Moines, Iowa is the Summer Freedom 1964 exhibit. The exhibit tells the story of two Iowans, Reverend Frazer Thomason and Loris Thomason who traveled to Clarksdale, Mississippi to help with the effort of registering African Americans to vote at the polls.

During Freedom Summer Civil Right's workers and supporters were arrested, beaten and even killed by those who did not agree with what they were doing. Churches blacks attended, homes and business blacks owned were bombed or burned by those who were against what the Civil Right's workers were doing.

Freedom Summer was a failure in getting many new voters registered. But it was a huge success in bringing the issue of the Jim Crow Laws in the south to the attention of those where this was not happening. The nation as a whole was recognizing the injustice that was occurring in the south. Unfortunately for many blacks this came too late. It was not until violence happened toward whites was something finally done about it.

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