Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sioux City History Exhibit

On display in the temporary exhibit space at the Sioux City Public Museum is the Sioux City History Exhibit. The 21st annual exhibition featuring local fourth grade student's depictions of landmarks, events, people from Sioux City history.

The projects on display at the museum are chosen from the best of the best at their school. Of those a best 
 overall will be chosen.

The exhibit will be on display until May 20, 2012.

Archie's Diner

Badgerow Building

Big Soo Terminal

Boys and Girls Club

Bruguier Cabin


Cable Car

Central high School

Charles City College Building

Chesterman Bottling Company

Council Oak Tree

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Dr. Agnes Eichelberger

Elevated Railway

First Brides Grave

Flight 232

Flight 232 Memorial

Floyd Monument

Gateway Arches

Gordon Drive In Theatre

Grandview PArk

Grandview Park Bandshell

Hardy Oil Company

Iowa National Guard

Jolly Time

Kari Keen

Kirk Hinrich

Lamb Arts Regional Theatre

Leif Erikson Ppark Fountain

Lewis and Clark Park

McKinley Kids

McKinley School

Mercy Medical Center

Mid American Energery

Milwaukee Wiener House

 Missouri River Flood 2011


Mitchell Corn Palace

Morningside Maroon, Mustangs, Chiefs

Omaha River Boat

Orpheum Theatre


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