Saturday, June 11, 2016

Geocaching: June 10, 2016, RAGBRAI BENCH, GC5YKZY

Found cache container on the ground. The magnet and duct tape were still on the bench. The tape lost it adhesive stickiness. I was riding bike to work and always carry duct tape with me so I fixed the cache by reattaching the magnet and container with new duct tape and attached it via the magnet under the bench I found the cache near on the ground. The benches have also been refastened to the concrete by the Tyson Event Center maintenance crew.

This was also the last cache TB6QTVY or TB Blondie 200 will visit before being dropped at a new cache location on Saturday June 11, 2016.

Travel Bug, Two Hundred, TB6QTVY::
TB Blondie 200 liked the Tyson Event Center, especially the mural and water fountain.

Update 0611/2016 - Needs Maintenance:
Went back to this cache to check and make sure the fix is holding. My wife found another cache a few benches down from the one I fixed. One of these caches may be a throw down. Do not know which is the correct cache. Same style of container, different magnet size. Both have a log. I signed the one I found today and left it. Will the CO please check to see which if one is the legitimate cache and if the other is a throw down?

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