Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Bohemian Cafe: Introduction and Timeline

         Located in Omaha, Nebraska's Czech neighborhood is a historic restaurant called The Bohemian Cafe. The owners and staff of the cafe have been feeding hungry guests authentic German and Czech dishes for over 90 years. Over the years the 4 generations of the same family has worked and owned The Bohemian Cafe and have built a good, strong reputation with hard work and genuine hospitality.


1924 - The Bohemian Cafe was opened by chef-owner Louie Marcala at 1256 South 13th Street in Omaha, Nebraska.
1947 - Louie Marcala sold the cafe to Josef and Ann (Kapoun) Libor and stayed on as head chef.

Some time between 1947 ad 1959 Babi and Deda operated the cafe at 1256 South 13th Street.

1959 - The Bohemian Cafe moved a half a block south to its present location at 1406 South 13th Street.
1966 - Babi and Deda retired leaving the cafe to the next generation of family to run the business.
Present Day - The 4th generation now works in The Bohemian Cafe continuing with the traditions first started over 90 years ago.