Friday, July 3, 2015

Historically accurate? Films with Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis portray historical figures very well. Whether it is as Abraham Lincoln demanding and commanding his cabinet members to obtain votes for the for the 13th Amendment to pass, or as a brutal and vicious gang leader in the movie Gangs of New York his specialty seems to be historic dramas.

Lewis is classified as such because he immerses himself into the role. He takes on the persona of the person he is portraying by studying who the person was and what they were about.

In both Lincoln and Gangs of New York Lewis is a leader. Whether he is leading a country through the Civil War or a rival gang on the streets of New York he takes on the burden of leadership with style and grace. In Gangs of New York he teaches young Vallon how to injure and kill a man with a knife as the weapon of choice by using a pig carcass. In the film Lincoln he shows a commanding presence when he orders his cabinet members to procure the votes so the proposed amendment will pass. In either role there is no doubt he is a leader. He does not pull any punches and is not elusive about his leadership style in either film.

While Daniel Day Lewis has been several films his role as leader in historic dramas seem to be his best fit because he is such a natural at it.

Daniel Day Lewis has acted in both true historical dramas such as Lincoln and not so true historic dramas such as Gangs of New York.

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