Monday, February 4, 2013

A Different View of the Sioux City Public Museum

There is a unique feature of the Sioux City Public Museum and the Sioux City Skywalk System. The feature is a large part of the museum permanent exhibit gallery can be viewed from the section of the skywalk system that travels through the second level of the museum building. The museum is in the former J. C. Penney building in downtown Sioux City. The building is connected to the public downtown skywalk system. When the building was modified for use as the museum the skywalk connection was left intact and modified along with the building. It connects to the museum on 3 sides and offers a unique view of the museum, artifacts and displayed exhibits below. There are two exhibits that a visitor cannot get the full appreciation of the display unless viewed from the skywalk. One of the exhibits is better viewed from the skywalk.



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