Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sioux City Fire Rescue: Sioux City Fire Chiefs

Since 1869 Sioux City has had several fire chiefs.

From 1869 to 1888 the fire department was a volunteer organization.
1869 to 1874: Charles Collins, J. P. Wall, Mike Follis, William Follis, Mr. Scanlon, Mr. Long, William Grandberg, Jack McGee
1874 to 1878: E. R. Kirk
1878 to 1880: J. Millard
1880 to 1883: James P. Wall
1886 to 1885: John E. Robson
1885 to 1886: A.J. More
1886 to 1888: H. H. Hawman

From 1888 to present the fire department has been a paid professional organization.
1888 to 1889 James Leitch
1889 to 1939: George M. Kellogg
1939 to 1940: John Yeager
1940 to 1952: Charles B. Kuhl
1952 to 1964: John Hill
1964 to 1971: Edgar S. Higman
1971 to 1979: Robert W. Arnold
1979 to 1987: John Plovass
1987 to 2006: Robert Hamilton
2006 to 2008: Gregory K. Martin
2008 to Present: Thomas Everitt

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