Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shesler Hall


1901 - Named after Joanna Shesler who founded the hall, the first Shesler Hall opened as a home for Methodist deaconesses who lived here as they did their mission work in the poor sections of Sioux City. The work of the deaconesses grew rapidly, and the need for a larger building arose.

1917 - Tthe current Shesler Hall and current building used today was completed,

1922 - The deaconesses lived at Shesler until this year when the times and needs of the community changed.

1922 to 1985 - Shesler was a room and board residence for a variety of young women who worked or went to school in Sioux City. The facility continued to evolve as times changed, but was always devoted to serving the needs of women.

1985 - Shesler Hall began to focus on serving a particularly deserving segment: women with special needs who require a supportive living environment.

Shesler Hall's early ties to the Methodist Church continue to this day. Shesler Hall is one of about 100 national mission institutions under the umbrella of the General Board of Global Ministries and the Iowa Conference United Methodist Women own the building and property.

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