Saturday, March 23, 2013

Grant Wood

1891 - Grant Wood is born in Iowa.

1927 - Paints Corn Room mural. The mural was one of four commissioned by local businessman, Eugene Eppley, for hotels in Council Bluffs, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Sioux City. Corn Room was in the lobby of the Martin Hotel for the next 52 years.

1928 - Grant Wood travels to Munich, Germany to supervise the the manufacture of the Memorial Window for the Cedar Rapids Veteran's Memorial Building.

1929 - Woman with Plants is painted.

1930's - The most prominent artist in the Regionalist art movement during this decade. This movement was a democratic art accessible to everyone and reflected local, rather tham imported from Europe or elsewhere, interests and traditions.

1930 - Paints American Gothic. This painting was his most famous. It became an iconic image of rural America.

1933 - 1934 - Head of the Iowa section of the Public Works of Art Project.
1937 -  Grant Wood creates the lithograph January.

1941 - Wood paints both Iowa Cornfield and his last known work, Iowa Landscape.

1942 - Grant Wood passes away.

Early 1950's - The mural, Corn Room, is papered over and forgotten. It is left that way for the next 25 to 29 years.

1979 - The Corn Room mural is discovered by an interviewer for the Siouxland Oral History Program, Leah Hartman. She interviewed Grant Wood's assistant, Carl Eybers in painting the mural. This lead to the mural being removed and saved from the old hotel and conserved by the Sioux City Art Center.

1980's - Tower Properties Ltd., owners of the Martin Hotel donated the mural to the Sioux City Art Center.

1989 - The Sioux City Art Center filed for bankruptcy. The future of the mural was uncertain. Local attorney Alan Fredregill purchased the mural at the auction and donated it to the Sioux City Art Center.

1997 - The current Sioux City Art Center was built. Shortly after the Everist Gallery is created with a portion dedicated to the Corn Room Mural. The mural is on permanent display for all to view and enjoy.