Thursday, March 10, 2011

History and Culture by Bicycle: Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation

In 1991 a group of aviation and classic car enthusiasts got together and decided to create an aviation and transportation museum. They used a building on or very near the property used by the Iowa Air National Guard Base for the 185th in Sioux City, Iowa. The Mid American Museum of Aviation and Transportation was born.

Then on September 11, 2001 there was the devastating attacks by terrorist's in the United States. Shortly after it was decided the museum was too close to the air base and was asked to relocate. Until a new home could be found the museum was closed.

It took a number of years but funding was provided to build a new aviation and transportation museum building. On July 31, 2010 the new building was complete and the museum held its grand opening.

The new museum offers visitors a wonderful glimpse into air and ground transportation of the past. There are military and civilian air craft and ground vehicles, both motorized and human powered.

The exhibits include: Flight 232, a Curtiss P40, both World Wars, experimental air craft, Huey helicopter, 185th Fighter Wing of Sioux City, Iowa, a device used on ICBM's during the Cold War, Howard Hughes exhibit, space and NASA, classic cars, trucks and out door exhibits of full size air craft.

There is also some local Sioux City History shown in the emergency vehicle exhibits, a Hawkeye Truck and the Kari Keen exhibit.

The museum teaches people of all ages it is important to remember and learn from the past, honor the hero's from the past and remember those who lost their lives in tragic events.