Friday, November 4, 2016

Munzee: Introduction

This new series is about the GPS navigation game called Munzee. The game of Munzee started in Texas in 2011 and is played on every continent including Antartica. Munzee is played by the QR code game pieces being placed/hidden at various GPS coordinates allowing players to find the QR tags or Munzee's and using the Munzee smartphone app scanning the code to log the find or capture.Players gain points for doing so along with placing or deploying their own Munzee's and when other players find or capture them.

Most Munzee QR codes are physical placements but some are virtual where a player can log the capture as long as they are within a certain distance from the Munzee location.

The intention of the Munzee game is to take players to interesting locations. Munzee owners have become creative in selecting where they place the QR codes they own.

Web site: Munzee