Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Shimmy Mob: World Belly Dance Day: Rain Drop Belly Dancers, Introduction

For the past 5 years in the month of May there has been an international event called Shimmy Mob. Shimmy Mob takes place over Mother's Day weekend on World Belly Dance Day.The Shimmy Mob concept was born from the flash mob idea. Shimmy Mob raises money and awareness for the fight against domestic violence and abuse in each respective community the event is performed in. 

In Sioux City, Iowa Shimmy Mob has taken place for the past 3 years. The money raised goes to the local office of the Council Against Domestic Violence and Abuse, CSADV.

Shimmy Mob is performed by belly dancers who learn a choreographed and prescribed routine prior to the event. Some groups start learning the routine as early as January. The individual groups are also allowed to include other belly dance routines along with the prescribed routine for the Shimmy Mob event.

This series shows the Rain Drop Belly Dancers performing their routine at three locations in the downtown Sioux City, Iowa. The Roth Fountain, the Sioux City Public Museum and the Sioux City Art Center.